Things to Do in Berlin: An Art Lovers Guide

Art Lovers

Considered to be the cultural center of Europe, Berlin is attracting artists from all over the world. The vigorous energy and optimism, along with cheap rents are making it a hub of international artists. Starting from the paintings in Nazi bunkers and the graffiti painting in the park, Berlin is a haven for all the art enthusiasts who wish to explore different hues of art.

From the over 440 art galleries with numerous world-class pieces, along with its vibrant festivals and creative spirits of the local artisans, Berlin is brimming with creativity that motivates all artists across the globe. If you are an art enthusiast, you can look into this guide to get various recommendations to satisfy your creative spirits.

The Pergamon Museum

If you want to know how did the superior Roman and Greek art look like, then visit the Pergamon museum. Considered the most stunning museum in Berlin, the museum consists of a good collection of Greek and roman art. This museum is a gateway to the ancient world of art as it also consists of a mesmerizing collection of Persian and Babylonian arts and antiquities. On the second floor, we can find The Museum of Islamic Art which lets all the visitors take a tour of the eastern world.


If you want to pay homage to Europe’s 18th-century masterpieces, visit the Gemaldegalerie of Berlin. Even though the building looks modern, it consists of artworks dating back to the 13th century.

Alte Nationalgalerie


You should not miss out on the female-run interdisciplinary agency Niche, which is a gateway to finding art in its purest form. Even though there are many famous artworks, there are also some overlooked gems that are hidden from the world. Niche focus to bring into light those overlooked artworks. Based on the choices and interests of the visitors, the niche will customize their tour.

Alte Nationalgalerie

One of the oldest art galleries that were opened in 1876 is Alte Nationalgalerie. In the gallery, we can find art from various eras like romantic, Impressionist, and early modern art. The first art gallery to purchase impressionist paintings Alte Nationalgalerie will excite all the art enthusiast


If you are tired of traveling to all the places, you need to refuel yourself. You can try out the delicacies in Art Café Jadore in Matte to satisfy your appetite. Even though this is a café, the painting of the walls and stunning lights on the ceiling make it no less than a mini museum. You can also go to Blocks and Ham café to get a taste of the mouth-watering cuisines and see their mini art gallery. So, visit these spots in Berlin to satisfy your creative soul.

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