Things Successful Artists Refuse to Do

Successful Artists

A creative career comes with so many stereotypes. It’s simple to get sucked by comparison, prestige, and expectations. Fortunately, we can gain from artists who have been there; artists who have witnessed the damage these things can do to a career and have vowed never to consider them again. Look at the items listed below that the most prosperous artists avoid doing so that you can do the same.

They don’t hold back until inspiration strikes

Every day getting up and starting your task is more productive than waiting for an inspiration to hit. It’s not like you ever lose out of ideas, either. Instead, then waiting for “inspiration” to strike and assist you produce your finest work, it’s all about regularly channeling your inner artist and developing your skills.


Even when they aren’t feeling particularly inspired, successful artists show up at the studio. When it concerns the development, they follow a method that they trust. They must have faith in their abilities to produce wonderful work even though they might not know the result when they begin.

They reject the stereotype of the starving artist

If you have worked as a fine artist for any length of time, you are undoubtedly already accustomed to the lean months, failed performances, and postponed art fairs. When it is the only income you receive from your art, it can be extremely stressful.

Everybody is familiar with the concept of the starving artist. But successful artists are the ones that don’t allow a label to decide their future. Relying solely on conventional channels like gallery representation or online sales is insufficient. Don’t overlook possibilities like selling prints, collaborating with interior designers, wholesale, holding workshops, publishing e-books, or licensing your artwork.

They refuse to allow others to define who they are or what they achieve

You have a story to tell as an artist and your own unique style. Even though you might want it, not everyone will find your work to their taste. Negative feedback is inevitable. And rejection is. In fact, it’s preferable when others don’t appreciate your work. It indicates that you are making an interesting and original point.

The most important thing is that you are strong in your effort and constantly working to improve. Finding success and fulfillment in a new career path will ultimately depend on your ability to stay true to who you are.


They don’t assess themselves against other

Comparisons have the potential to either steal your delight or restrict your innovation. Every artist is in a unique stage of their career. Each person travels a unique path filled with obstacles and victories. And most likely, we just see the successes, the final product, the amazing artwork.

Only contrast your current self with your past self. Take a moment to relax and savor the moment for what it is. Let it motivate you to advance rather than stifle your development with fear.

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