The Most Popular Rap & Hip-Hop Music Artists

Hip-Hop Music

Once considered the outcast in the world of music, today hip hop is one of the most popular genres in music with millions of fans across the globe. Born in New York in the 70s, the catchy and rhythmic beats, and rap has made it a global phenomenon. Once limited to the streets of the Bronx, this music style has now reached the farthest corner of Asia. Rendered in various languages and styles, Hip-hop has become the voice of modern music.

You can check out this guide to learn about various hip-hop rappers who are ruling the world right now.



This Canadian rapper is one of the top rappers with numerous No.1 albums on his list. Ever since the release of his popular single Best I Ever Had in his third mix tape, there was no looking back for this rapper and was nominated for two Grammy awards.

Even though many music labels wanted him on board, Lil Wayne signed drake in 2008 for his latest label Young Money. His albums like Thank Me Later, take care, and many others albums got billions of views, making him an unwreckable force in the world of hip-hop music.


G-dragon from YG entertainment is yet another notable figure in the world of rapping. This famous rapper from south Korea is a member of one of the most popular Kpop groups Big Bang. His top-ranking charts like “That XX”, “Crooked” and “One of a kind “will let you know why he is a phenomenal rapper. Even though he joined mandatory military service in 2018, he made a massive comeback with ‘still Life’ which took K-pop world by storm.

The Kid Laroi

If you look at one of the most popular albums of 2021, you will see the title “Stay” which was a collaboration with pop icon Justin Bieber. He came to the limelight with his first mixtape F*ck Love and was lucky to collaborate with a senior rapper like DJ Marcus.


Megan Thee Stallion

Megan is one such rapper who paved her way through songs that are oozing with swag and a southern rhythm. She came into the rapping field with her video “The Houston Cypher” where she gained attention as the only women rapper.  She was able to enter the billboard with her single “Big Ole freak” and carved a place for being an exceptional female rapper.

Kendrick Lamar

One cannot just put Lamar as a rapper. His lyrics are so good that he can be considered the Bob Dylan of modern times. Even though the rhythm of the music and his rapping style is good, the message his song gives out is more than exemplary. So, dance to the rhythm of these hip-hop rappers and forget the worries of the world.

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