The Best Art History Books Every Art Lover Should Read

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The history of arts is a malleable discipline, and the expression for each differs from one person to another. Art is a genre that speaks with the soul of a human being, and people need to look beyond the classic survival mode. Art history is also called historiography. It is a genre for a visual representation of the visual arts.

If you’re a keen lover of Art and wish to know about the history books that portray Art and different art forms, you can check this article for the best recommendations.

The Art Book – Phaidon Press

The Art Book – Phaidon Press

The second edition of Phaidon Press’s book is a phenomenal success pro training its love for historic Art. Many readers of the book describe it as a smart and lavishly produced book that every art lover should have on their coffee table. The book features information about 500 artists from the middle ages till the modern era, with razor-sharp attention to detail.

6th edition of Women, Art, and Society by Whitney Chadwick

In the historical period, historians often overlooked female artists and were often male-centric. According to these historians, women could never manage to succeed in any field, especially Art, because they often needed the other gender to support them. However, this book brings to light m the best female art lovers and artists from the Middle Ages. It also talks about their agony, struggles, and how they overcame stressful situations in life to pursue their work and bring it to the limelight.

2nd edition of Art in theory by Charles Townsend Harrison and Paul Wood

This book talks about the unique reliance on Art in the 20th century. It talks about the era’s Modern Art, the aesthetics, debates, and other visual aspects also present during the early 18th and 19th centuries. However, modernism was introduced in the 21st century, transforming the world of Art and culture. This book rightly captures and transfers this impression of a significant change in the art world.

African-American Art by Sharon F Patton

African-American Art by Sharon F Patton

Patton conducted a survey in 1998 that connected African and American artwork with the Modern Art of the 20th century. Next, the author moves to a decorative and folk career in the 19th century and considers the impact of larger events in life like Reconstruction, the Civil War, the Great Migration, and many others. The book mainly talks about the formation of African-American aesthetics and how it helped reform today’s Modern Art.

The story of art y E.H. Gombrich

The beginning of the book states that there is no such thing as Art, but there are artists. It also remains true to this stamen which sets the entire tone of the book and allows its readers to immerse most artistically. It also helps connect the dots between olden history and Modern Art and the artists that played a crucial part in this process.

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