Top 4 Travel Destinations for Art Lovers

Art Lovers

Art is an expression of your mind to the outer world. It plays a significant role in tackling the mind to grow and helps shape a human being. This is one of the important reasons art lovers often visit art galleries. It helps them gain a different perspective on people, society, and situations. It would help if you explored more than art galleries to get a hint of the exquisite art and architecture used in different destinations worldwide. You might pass some mind-challenging stress or streets with robust colors and…

The Most Popular Rap & Hip-Hop Music Artists

Hip-Hop Music

Once considered the outcast in the world of music, today hip hop is one of the most popular genres in music with millions of fans across the globe. Born in New York in the 70s, the catchy and rhythmic beats, and rap has made it a global phenomenon. Once limited to the streets of the Bronx, this music style has now reached the farthest corner of Asia. Rendered in various languages and styles, Hip-hop has become the voice of modern music. You can check out this guide to learn about…

Things to Do in Berlin: An Art Lovers Guide

Art Lovers

Considered to be the cultural center of Europe, Berlin is attracting artists from all over the world. The vigorous energy and optimism, along with cheap rents are making it a hub of international artists. Starting from the paintings in Nazi bunkers and the graffiti painting in the park, Berlin is a haven for all the art enthusiasts who wish to explore different hues of art. From the over 440 art galleries with numerous world-class pieces, along with its vibrant festivals and creative spirits of the local artisans, Berlin is brimming…

Profitable Ways to Make Money Online As An Artist

Money Online

The market for your work depends entirely on how many engaged followers you have; the more well-known your Instagram account, the greater the demand. Therefore, if you think you may gain more followers there, do so. Reaching a larger audience may be possible by teaching online courses. Nevertheless, instructing several students at once will be considerably more challenging online than in person. There is a whole new range of active and passive income sources you may employ if you have a talent for graphic design. One of the finest methods…

Career Advice For Artists: Don’t Stay Stuck Doing Something You Don’t Want To Do

Career Advice

Making your own online radio station might be the answer if you wish to broadcast Internet radio without restrictions, run your own advertising, or pick which ones are broadcast. Regardless matter where you desire to be, learn to relish both your profession and yourself. Practice mindfulness as a means to help you embrace the obstacles in your life, concentrate on what you can manage and reduce the obsession with every tiny detail past and present. This will help you break the unhealthy habit of placing too much stress on yourself.

Top Design Spatial Storytelling Tips To Help You Nail Your UX Interview

Spatial Storytelling

Before practicing speaking your narrative aloud, decide on its purpose. This enables you to choose the appropriate length without adding excessive information. Start by giving a succinct and captivating description of your tale. This method is also known as the Bottom-Line Up-Front strategy. Choose the most interesting section of your tale to use as your introduction. After that, briefly outline the entire incident before delving into specifics. Your narrative should concentrate more on describing the outcomes of your endeavor than it ought to on the steps that were done to…

The Process of Imagination: An Interview with Jay Dart

Jay Dart

The underlying topic of Jay Dart: Greetings from Yawnder!, a show at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, is the effort of an individual to understand a well-known but novel notion inside their work. Dart developed phrases like “Yawnder,” which represents a mythical location where thoughts are created, in order to further explain his creative process. The exhibit takes place in this fantastical setting as we go with Jiggs, Dart’s lumberjack-like alter ego, across landscapes filled with Geist Trees and Foredad Clouds. As you travel through with the main character, Jiggs, these…

The Connections Between Music and Visual Art

Visual Art

When we talk to different art lovers, we understand that everything around us is an art form. According to a famous saying, music and art are the two fundamental ways to feed and nourish a soul. While music brings immense pleasure to the ears, visual art is a treat to sore eyes. Many artists worldwide believe music and visual arts are woven with one another. Since olden times, music has always been an inspiration to many visual artists and vice versa. A remarkable sensation Despite the slight distinction between the…